Who is North Shore Eruv?

The North Shore Eruv is a joint project of Chabad of the North Shore and the Greater Boston Eruv Corporation. To learn more about GBEC please visit their webpage by clicking HERE.

What is an Eruv?

An eruv is a symbolic enclosure that surrounds the Jewish community. Under Jewish law, carrying on the Sabbath is allowed within the eruv because the entire area within the eruv is considered as if a single property. An eruv may consist of natural boundaries such as a river bank or of walls, fences, buildings, or hedges. It can also consist of designated utility poles and wires (electric, telephone and or cable) or strings, as long as the perimeter of the community eruv is uninterrupted.

Why do we need an Eruv?

In the absence of an eruv, children cannot be carried or pushed in stroller to synagogue or other family activities.  People requiring wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or canes cannot use these outside their homes. Those who take medication frequently must stay home because they cannot carry their medication with them.  Without an eruv there is a significant diminution of the enjoyment of the Sabbath for the entire community. Those with disabilities, and families with infants and small children are especially affected.  In communities with an eruv, families are permitted to carry or take their small children in strollers to the synagogue, homes of grandparents and friends, or even to the park for a swing. People with disabilities are able to use their wheelchairs and other devices. Families and people with disabilities can celebrate and enjoy the Sabbath with the community.